KEEP CALM: God has not forgotten about you. It's only a test!

When we feel deserted by God, or that we are being tested beyond our limits, we can be assured that there is a purpose. 

Sometimes tests reveal areas within us we are unaware of, or think we've "mastered." We find ourselves responding in ways that even shock us. 

At these times, we must simply ask for forgiveness and work on that area. God is faithful to forgive once we confess our sins. 

More importantly, we must humble ourselves and seek His face. He knows more about us than we do yet still loves us. 

So don't be discouraged if you fail a test (in your mind), because sometimes GOD is not testing us on what we think, rather testing our hearts and willingness to repent and move forward. 

This race is not given to the swift or strong, rather to those who endure and keep going. 

We can overcome. Our righteousness is not of ourselves.  

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