Exodus and How God Delivers Us From Sin

I felt a strong urge to begin re-reading the Book of Exodus the past few days. It is always amazing how scriptures we read while studying the Bible can minister to us in different ways, no matter how many times we read them. 

I have read Exodus before, but there are many things I noticed this time that I may not have paid much attention to before.

Exodus is when God really makes Himself known to His people, instead of individual men as before. 

He introduces Himself to the Israelites with signs, wonders, and precious promises. It is not a sugar-coated account either because you can see many sides of Jehovah in the book. 

  • He is Jealous for His people. 
  • He is vengeful towards their oppressors. 
  • His anger is kindled more than once when they try Him and refuse to believe Him. 
  • He shows His power to deliver, to heal, and to set free. 
  • He also shows His power to kill, to chastise, and to keep His word about disobedience.