God's Word is true. Do you have what it takes to possess your Promised Land?

The children of Israel were tried, proved, and taken into the wilderness. This time in their lives was not permanent, but most of them had the mindset that it was. This caused them to prolong their time in the wilderness and delay their promise.

The Lord never intended for their transitional period to become their home for 40 years. 

How many of us get stuck in transitions?

We must understand that our promised land includes all of the promises that we are seeking from God but have yet to possess.

Possessing our promises requires diligence, obedience and war. Joshua led the children of Israel in many battles.

But we also see the children of Israel losing battles where there was disobedience towards God. 

There is a purpose in the battle. 

So many times we want to possess financial freedom, healing, strength, joy, peace, and all the other promises given to us through Jesus Christ; but these promises come with a battle.

We battle our former nature before Christ; the devil that wants to take us back out of The Kingdom of Light and into darkness; and opposition that he sends through people: family, friends, coworkers, etc. 

The battle is real.

But The battle is rigged. God has already given as victory. However, there are character traits we must develop which are best developed in conflict. 

Just like a diamond is perfected under pressure. 

The Lord knows our hearts better than we do. Some of us would not make it into the kingdom if we possessed our promises instantly. 

But if we continue to stand on God's word, praise him even when we don't feel like it, and pour out to others (dying to ourselves), we transform. 

We become conformed to the image of Christ through suffering, affliction, and brokenness. 

Do not be discouraged. You have the victory. Keep standing on God's word and you will surely possess all the promises that God has promised you.

Like Joshua, believe God and do not faint at the giants which try to keep you from your promise. Giants do die!

You can do all things through Christ which strengthens you. 

Be blessed!

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