Jesus Christ Loves You and You Should Never Forget It!

Dear Beloved, 

The first thing you need to remember is that you are greatly loved by The LORD. 

If no one is on your side or can understand you, He certainly can. 

Do not try to resolve any issue without praying and consulting with Him first. Seek Him daily so that you are victorious in even the unseen battles. Prayer and the Word is the key to this. 

You know that you will face obstacles, unbelievers and haters, but you MUST NOT FOCUS ON THEM.

Switch your focus to Your Life, Your Goals, and most importantly, Your Life. 

The LORD planned everything before you were born and you can be sure that He has in no way been surprised by any battle or setback you’ve encountered. 

The Powerful & Life-Changing Power of Your Pain

Pain is universal.

It does not discriminate based on class, income, education, age, gender or race.

Pain is a part of life -- an essential part of life.

We can't avoid it. We actually need it.

It is a signal, an indicator that something is wrong or something needs to be changed. Pain speaks a universal language that ALL can understand, and forces us to act.

It is the same in our spiritual walk with Christ. Some have misunderstood their new life in Christ and believed they would escape pain or somehow just breeze through it. 

Our new nature in Christ equips us to look at pain differently and use it differently than the world, however it does not make us immune to it.