Learning from Mistakes

There is no shame in making a mistake. The shame is when you continue to make the same mistake, having not learned anything from it. Let me start by saying this: just because you have seen no immediate lessons to be learned and / or repercussions to mistakes made does NOT mean you don't need to take notice. God is good and merciful, this is true. But we must also do our part, remembering that "God chastises the ones He loves."

Does God love you? Absolutely. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.." We are all loved by God and that is proven each day we wake up and can draw breath in to sustain our lives. But for myself, I have been hard-headed, hard to understand, and hard to teach. I have been wrong, of course, but not THAT wrong, right? Wrong.

Every day is an opportunity to search yourselves. Proverbs tells us many differences between the wise man and the foolish one. One distinct difference is that a wise man changes his ways many times, while a fool never changes. Have you been foolish about something or someone in your life? Perhaps you have never really asked God to show you yourself. Let me warn you that when you ask God to show you yourself, it may not come quickly or all at once. In fact, it may take some while for Him to peel back your layers and expose your wrong attitudes or behaviors. And it may be ugly.

I know that I used to believe that because I had a relationship with Him, a personal one, I couldn't be that off in my behaviors, ways of thinkings, or words. You can be saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost and be wrong. You are human, you make mistakes, and the only tragedy is if you never learn anything from your mistakes to apply to your life or share with others.

If you have never asked the Lord to expose the ugly parts of you, I would suggest that you first pray for a desire to read His Word. When you begin to see the things within yourself that need alteration, instead of everything wrong with everyone else, you will need His Word. God is a gentle teacher and the Holy Ghost is gentle but sometimes we see things that are just ugly. His Word will sustain, comfort, and lift you up! I could never stress the importance of reading His Word enough. It is like the food you eat to sustain your living body. After starving so long and not being fed, your spirit becomes weak. 

  • Feed your spirit
  • Ask God to expose yourself to yourself
  • Ask God for the lessons to be learned from your mistakes
  • Read His Word as it will lead you and guide you into ALL truth
  • Don't be discouraged because what Satan means for evil, God can turn around for your good
  • Most importantly, don't be a fool. Everyone makes mistakes...including you.

Learn from your mistakes.

Blessings to you all,

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