Jesus Christ Loves You and You Should Never Forget It!

Dear Beloved, 

The first thing you need to remember is that you are greatly loved by The LORD. 

If no one is on your side or can understand you, He certainly can. 

Do not try to resolve any issue without praying and consulting with Him first. Seek Him daily so that you are victorious in even the unseen battles. Prayer and the Word is the key to this. 

You know that you will face obstacles, unbelievers and haters, but you MUST NOT FOCUS ON THEM.

Switch your focus to Your Life, Your Goals, and most importantly, Your Life. 

The LORD planned everything before you were born and you can be sure that He has in no way been surprised by any battle or setback you’ve encountered. 
He is still in control and you can ALWAYS trust Him!

As it pertains to your goals, you must have a strategic, realistic plan. You must organize each individual part so that your workflow is seamless. 

Distractions will come but you must stay FOCUSED. You cannot afford for anything to get you off course, you need tunnel vision

Love others, pray for others, and if you are able, be there for others who need you. 

But you must not do anything at the expense of yourself. Satan will use your heart against you and send people to drain, discourage, and steal time from you. 

The Lord has given everyone a destiny but Satan knows that if he can keep you distracted, upset, depressed, and involved with other peoples troubles, he can delay your destiny. 

Don’t let it happen. Only you can keep that from happening. The most important gift you can give to others is your genuine love and prayers. You are not GOD and you cannot solve everyone’s problems.

Beware that some people will try to manipulate you and make you feel responsible for their own issues. Some people will keep up with you to simply have something to go back and gossip with others about. Some people are so well trained in the art of deception they can hate you while smiling, hanging out, and being friendly with you. Satan has no limits and you must operate in discernment, wisdom, and LOVE.

Jesus loves you so much He died for you. Nothing was able to stop Him or take Him off course. He healed people, ministered to their needs but he did not allow ANYTHING to stop His ultimate goal. Be like Christ. 

You can do it and GOD is on your side. He will help you and build your spirit if you stay in the Word. 

Stay focused. Keep going.  

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