Happy Mother's Day!

It is on holidays like this that Gods love, mercy, and grace overwhelm me! I am the mother to the most amazing son a mother could ask for, and were it not for God's infinite wisdom, I would not know what I was missing out on.

I grew up the eldest of my siblings and always taking on a motherly role as my mother was sick a lot with Lupus. I honestly resolved that I had done enough mothering for a lifetime and would not want children of my own. Thank God He did not listen to me, right?!

After being married almost 2 years and using birth control, I found out at 11 weeks that I was pregnant...not my idea of good news...But God is so awesome because I had the most wonderful pregnancy and birth story :) My The day arrived for my son to enter the world and I have never been the same. God transformed the most self absorbed, arrogant, selfish woman into a mother. I am forever grateful and humbled for His gift.

I won't go into my birth story, honestly people hardly ever believe it. But I had no contractions, no pain, and absolutely no discomfort when I had my son, none. I literally went to the hospital pregnant (40 wks & 1 day), and came out with a 8lb 15.3 oz baby boy. God is awesome. Mother's Day is a constant reminder of how far God has brought me and I am excited to continue on the journey..

God Bless ALL the mothers and those who aspire to be one day, children are blessings from the Lord - always.

<3 Christian

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